About Us

SKINETICS MEDICAL DAY SPA & SKIN CENTER is the first of its kind in Iloilo and the Western Visayas Region. Established in May 2003, SKINETICS introduced world-class spa equipment and technologies, and thus became synonymous with quality spa services as yet unmatched in the Region.

Under its general programs of Stress Reduction, Slimming & Contouring and Skin Care, the diverse services it offers are premised on achieving & maintaining good health, good skin and general wellbeing. Combining both traditional and the latest in technology, SKINETICS guarantees quality yet totally relaxing body treatments & skin care services. Clients’ privacy and comfort, a relaxing atmosphere, and main taining a hygienic environment are always given a premium.

Due to its constant innovations and consistency in quality, SKINETICS went beyond being simply a Spa, or simply a Facial Center. It has created and offered through the years, a perfect fusion of spa and medical services. It is where one can find ancient healing therapies to the latest in aesthetic beauty technologies.

SKINETICS is a Founding Member of the Spa Association of the Philippines, Inc. (now PHILWELL), and is an Accredited SPA by the Dept. of Tourism. To date, SKINETICS has sent therapists to several Department of Tourism events abroad, particularly in Berlin, Germany; Bangkok, Thailand, and Dubai in UAE as part of the Industry’s effort to promote the Traditional Filipino HILOT Massage.

In 2009, the whole SKINETICS staff trained and has passed the Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (CIBTAC) which is the European Body awarding standards for body massage. In 2010 SKINETICS was registered as a Trademark under the country’s Intellectual Property laws.

By October 2011, the SKINETICS WELLNESS CENTER was opened in Iloilo City’s most progressive area, the Smallville Complex. Housed in a 5-storey building, SKINETICS expanded its existing Medical Spa services to include Iloilo’s first Kids Spa, Hydro-Colonics for detox, and Cosmetic Surgery. For added convenience to medical tourists, a Boutique Hotel is part of the Wellness Center.

High quality standard, luxury, comfort: these are the trademark of SKINETICS.

Under the management and care of its Dermatologist-owner and the caring competence of its professional Spa Therapists, one will never regret a LOVE YOURSELF experience at the SKINETICS WELLNESS CENTER.